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About Us

Learn about our company, services and the people that make the difference.

PSI Security and Investigations relies on a group of dedicated professionals who are the driving force for the organization. Each of our principles has extensive knowledge, training, and experience in their areas of expertise and each is dedicated to providing our customers with industry best services.


Carlos Hernandez

Mr. Hernandez is the President and Founder of Public Safety International, Inc. and dba PSI Security and Investigations and has been at the forefront of meeting today’s requirements for security, training, and technology. Mr. Hernandez served in the United States Marine Corps and was activated during Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield, eventually being Honorably Discharged in 1992. Mr. Hernandez was assigned as a Section Leader and also headed the Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC) Monitor Survey Team for the 4th Marine Division, 8th Tank Battalion during his military career. Mr. Hernandez is trained and certified in various disciplines of security and risk management to include Correctional Officer Training, Law Enforcement Training, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), PADI Waterborne Tactical Diving, Advanced Firearms, Self Defense (Hand to Hand Combat), Security Operations, Life Safety, Executive Protection, Kidnap & Ransom, Emergency Response to Terrorism & Crisis Management, Active Shooter/Active Threat, Basic Fire Fighting, and Communications. Mr. Hernandez has worked with some of the world’s leading multi-national corporations and governmental operations. Mr. Hernandez has a BS in Criminal Justice and a BS in Professional Administration. Mr. Hernandez is a retired law enforcement Captain with police experience to include SWAT, Administration, Investigations, Training, and Uniform Patrol. In addition, Mr. Hernandez is certified via the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency, in both National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS). Mr. Hernandez has over 3000 hours of combined training and is a former Instructor at Miami-Dade Community College School of Justice. He currently holds TSA, FAA, and US Customs Air Field and Cargo Flight Crew Member’s clearance. Mr. Hernandez is fluent in both English and Spanish and professional affiliations include National Tactical Officers Association, Police Benevolent Association, Fraternal Order of Police, and ASIS International (American Society for Industrial Security).


E. Damaso Jara

Mr. Jara is the Chief Safety Officer for PSI. He is a security and risk managment expert holding Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 30 and 500 Trainer Certification. Mr. Jara is responsible for implementing and monitoring job safety procedures for our personnel and acts as liaison between PSI and safety organizations. In addition, Mr. Jara has vast experience in Electronic Counter-Measures, Systems Designs, Access Control and Manufacturing. Prior to founding Access Control Systems, Mr. Jara was Vice-President of American Ammunition, a publically traded ammunition manufacturing corporation. During his tenure with American Ammunition, Mr. Jara was charged with the oversight and quality control of all aspects of the manufacturing process including mil specs and ISO certifications. Mr. Jara was instrumental in the development of the Alpha Delayed Expansion (ADE) round which could be fired safely inside commercial aircraft at high altitudes. This round eliminated the possibility of a breach of the aircraft aluminum body during flight in the event that deadly force was required to stop an attack. Mr. Jara worked closely with Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) and other government agencies. Mr. Jara is fluent in both English and Spanish and holds certifications as a firearms expert, tactical explosives expert, and rappel master.


Carlos A. Peñate

Mr. Penate is the Director of Specialized Security Services for PSI. Mr. Peñate is trained and certified in various disciplines of security and risk management to include, Basic Law Enforcement Training, Self Defense, Security Operations, Dignitary Protection, and Basic First Responder Life Saving Techniques.  In the private sector Mr. Peñate has worked with some of the worlds leading Risk Mitigation and Loss Prevention Firms, providing Risk Mitigation Services, Risk Assessment, Audits, Investigations, Compliance, as well as National and International High Value Cargo (HVC) Security Escort.   Mr. Peñate holds a BS in Criminal Justice and is a retired Law Enforcement Sergeant with 20 years of police experience in the City of Miami to include Administration, Special Investigations, Training, and Uniform Patrol Services. Mr. Peñate is a former Instructor with Southeast Florida Institute of Criminal Justice and currently holds TSA, FAA, and US Customs Air Field and Cargo Flight Crew Member’s clearance. Mr. Penate is fluent in English and Spanish.


Osvaldo Iglesias

Mr. Iglesias serves as the Chief Support Officer for PSI  and has a long decorated career of public service which began when he enlisted in the United States Coast Guard immediately upon completion of his High School education. Mr. Iglesias served a total of 6 years with the Coast Guard, 4 of which were Active Duty, and received an Honorable Discharge from service. While serving in the armed forces, Mr. Iglesias received training in small arms, tactical boarding and securing of vessels at sea, tactical apprehension and securing of personnel, and search and rescue. Following his military career, Mr. Iglesias joined the City of Miami Fire Department. Mr. Iglesias joined PSI after an exemplary career with the Fire Department spanning 28 years. Mr. Iglesias is tasked with coordinating CPR, AED, and other specialized training for PSI personnel. Mr. Iglesias has numerous certifications to include Florida Fire Inspector, FFP 2320 Building Construction, FFP 2300 Fire and Building Codes, FFP 2326 Blueprint Reading/Plans Review, FFP 2620 Private Fire Protection and Detection, FFP 1200 Fire Prevention, Emergency Response to Terrorism, HAZMAT, and numerous others. Mr. Iglesias is a certified Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic with extensive training in Pediatric Advanced Life Support. In total, Mr. Iglesias has over 2500 hours of training and has conducted over 18000 inspections of both commercial and residential structures and also completed over 5000 inspections of night club facilities. Mr. Iglesias is fluent in English and Spanish.


Jose Alonso

Mr. Alonso serves as the Chief Liaison Officer between PSI and law firms and corporations. He coordinates investigations, research, and special services required by our clients. Mr. Alonso has extensive knowledge and training in law, security, research, and investigative techniques. Mr. Alonso began his legal career as a Graduate with Honors of Ward Stone College in Miami, Florida, where he earned an AS Degree in Paralegal Studies and earned certificates in Medical Aspect of Damage / Damage Control in Personal Injury Litigation, Research and Writing Proficiency (CLE), Environmental Law, Trial Preparation, Westlaw Computer Research, and Anatomy / Physiology and Medical Terminology / Transcription, and specialized in Worker’s Compensation Cases. Since joining PSI, Mr. Alonso has earned certificates in Small Weapons, Tactical Driving, Surveillance, Security Risk Assessment, Close Quarter Combat (CQC), Advanced Self Defense, and Advanced Edged Weapons. He has trained extensively to include courses at the Blackwater Training Facility. Mr. Alonso is fluent in both English and Spanish and has vast experience in the following areas; security risk assessment of corporations, investigations for loss recovery, research and maintenance of statistical data for commercial and security programs in high-risk regions, preparation of After Action Reports and recommendations based on information gathered, surveillance and counter-surveillance operations, conducting open-source research, analyzing, gathering and translating intelligence data, and preparing reports on high-risk regions.


Manny Quiza

Mr. Quiza comes to PSI as a security expert having conducted countless operations during his service with the United States Army and serves as  the  Director of Security Operations for the South Florida Region.  In addition, Mr. Quiza brings a wealth of experience in the Transportation and Hazardous Materials arenas. His career in transportation of High Value Cargo, Cargo, HAZMAT, and Dangerous Goods spans over 15 years. Mr. Quiza is a materials specialist with certifications in the handling and documentation of Dangerous Goods (DG Certificate). Mr. Quiza is fluent in both English and Spanish and has trained countless companies and individuals in the safe handling and documentation of hazardous materials and dangerous goods and has been the President of several cargo transport companies to include Air America Transport, Lion Express, and Safeway Interstate Transport.  Mr. Quiza currently holds TSA, FAA, and US Customs Air Field and Cargo Flight Crew Member’s clearance.


Adalberto "Al" deArmas

Mr. deArmas comes to PSI with extensive Correctional and Law Enforcement experience. Mr. deArmas serves as the Director of Security Operations for the Cental Florida Region and is fluent in both English and Spanish. Mr. deArmas is trained and certified in various disciplines of security and risk management to include Correctional Officer Training, Law Enforcement Training, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) , and Criminal Investigations.  Mr. deArmas worked for the Osceola Sheriff’s Office for 23 years before being assigned to the prestigious United States Marshal Fugitive Task Force. During his tenure with the Osceola Sheriff’s Office Mr. deArmas worked in the Criminal Investigation Unit and served in several capacities during his assignment to include Tourist Policing Unit, Grand Theft Unit, Robbery Unit and Property Unit. With his extensive experience in the tourist industry, criminal investigation and law enforcement, Mr. deArmas is a great asset to the organization. 


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